In the Léon lake. France. Dreams
After rain in Landes. untouchable
Storm over Donostia.
A little shop in Donostia. Koko De Ko
Old street in Cambodia Rain in Phnom Penh
Cambodia, in the land Fishing in land rice
Near Phnom Penh. Cambodia. Big rain.
In the bar Two cups an one dream...
Oiartzun, Euskal Herria, B/N Nobody on my way...
Tree on the autumn Old tree
Autumn in Euskal Herria Traces of Autumn
In the river. Basque Country Lekeitio. Basque Country
Donostia, Basque Country. Town hall
In Lekeitio. Basque Country. The afternoon...
Donostia. Urumea river near the Cantábric sea. Low tide
Train station in Donostia. Donostia. Railroads.
Donostia, in the La Concha beach Kiss in the beach
Donostia city Light it's going...
Leitzaran, Basque Country The colors of autumn
Basque Country Autumn 2
Leitzaran valley. Natural space.
Donostia Donostia. Evening in the bridge...
In Leitza mountain. Basque Country. Rocky Road
The sea entry in the city by Urumea river. Storm in Donostia.
Afternoon in la Concha... Donostia. La Concha beach.
In the mountain Oiartzun The cow
In Oiartzun, Basque Country Old trees
Urumea river in Donostia The night is comming over Donostia
In Donostia La Concha beach.
Street Photography, working in Donostia city. Working...
Donostia. La Concha beach. "You'll never walk alone"
Donostia. Mª Cristina bridge
Donostia street photography Mr. blanquet
Donostia, Mª Cristia bridge. From the bridge...
Donostia, piher.
Donostia. Walking in the piher 1
Donostia. Piher door.
In Donostia piher. Storm is comming.
Old woman in Cambodia
Little girl in Cambodia
Cambodia, working hard
After the accident, children caring old woman Cambodia, caring old woman
Kirirom mountain Cambodia. Sad girl...
Out or Phnom Penh Cambodia. The barber.
Euskal Herria Country side
Afternoon. Donostia. City council.
Sta. Catalina bridge in Donostia. The bridge
Cambrils...Catalunya harbor. Sewing fishing nets
Donostia, Mª Cristina bridge at 17,40. The sun through the fog
A little walk in Landes
Spring in Donostia
In Landes (France) Small flower after rain.
Landes, near Léon lake. Peacefull place
Near ville de Léon in Landes, France. At 19,30 h. Landes, playing with light.
Landes, after rain. After rain...
After rain in Landes (France) over lake of Léon. Storm over lake
My son like pictures. My son
In the Euskal Herria (Basque country) Urola valley
Everywhere... Reflections...
Into yourself... The corner.
In the Léon lake. Landes (France) Reeds
Léon. The lake in Landes, France. Children evening...
Near Vigo (Spain) Galiza-
In Landes, France. Red
In street of Donostia... The jump...
In Landes, France. Healing soul...
In Landes, France. Rose...
The tree